Startblok Elzenhagen: a sustainable community

In August 2018, Jan Snel embarked on the Startblok Elzenhagen housing project, a sustainable community for 540 young adults and refugees.

Housing Amsterdam, the Netherlands


The project was commissioned by the De Key and Eigen Haard housing corporations in Amsterdam. Several hundred apartments were realised in a complex of six separate buildings. Each of these stacked units has a surface area of 20 – 25 m² and its own kitchen and bathroom. Each group of units has a common room. The cladding on the façades has outstanding insulation properties and the project makes use of the latest technology, for which it was awarded a BENG energy label (for almost energy-neutral buildings). The units do not use gas and water collected from showers can be reused. An underfloor heating system was installed to heat the residential units in winter and cool them in summer. The storage of heat and cold is possible thanks to a geothermal heat pump system, in which the heat pumps run on electricity generated by solar panels.


ca. 9 months


18,500 m2




Housing associations De Key and Eigen Haard


Students, job seekers and refugees

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