Mission, Vision and Strategy

“At Daiwa House Modular Europe, we believe that we can offer future residents a perfect housing solution by developing and realising comfortable, affordable and sustainable residences. Our houses offer quality, comfort, safety and – above all – sustainability. Daiwa House builds circular houses that need not be demolished in the future. Instead, they can be disassembled and reused. In doing so, we can build sustainable homes for everyone.”

Daiwa House Modular Europe | Mission, Vision and Strategy Image Name Harry van Zandwijk
CEO – Daiwa House Modular Europe

Our mission and vision

Our mission:

Solving the housing shortage.

Our vision:

A sustainable home for everyone.

Onze missie en visie
Onze strategie

Our strategy

Daiwa House Modular Europe builds houses. We use modular building methods in an industrialised and robotised manner. This building method offers myriad demonstrable benefits in terms of its efficiency, speed, quality and especially sustainability. In other words, we build smarter, faster and cleaner.

Our core values

We strive to contribute to a sustainable society and environment. We care about our clients and our employees. We are reliable and honest and we work safely. We are driven by innovation.

Onze kernwaarden

Our organisation

Daiwa House Modular Europe: an organisation with Dutch and Japanese roots.

At Daiwa House Modular Europe, the expertise of Daiwa House Group and Jan Snel come together. With over 60 years of experience in the Benelux and 50 years internationally, we make a difference with modular and circular construction. Daiwa House Group is the largest industrial builder in the world and Jan Snel is one of the largest players in the field of modular and sustainable building solutions in Europe.

Together, we can meet myriad housing needs and requirements with our wide range of housing solutions. Both for our clients and future residents. As an organisation with Dutch and Japanese roots, the relationship between people and society is central to everything we do. Our building method reflects our care for the environment and nature.

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Daiwa House Modular Europe: een organisatie met Nederlandse en Japanse wortels
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