Lowering environmental impacts will positively contribute to the success of modular housing

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GHG emissions 2021
(in kgCO2m2)


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CO2 Perormance


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Mono streams
(recycle streams)


How we play our role in the value chain

We aim for a construction process without waste. See how we take the complete life cycle of modular constructions into account.



Environmental objectives 2030


Carbon neutral*

Mono streams (recycle streams): 80%

Daiwa House Modular Europe: 80% own energy generation

Projects: energy neutral

* Scope 1 and 2 (Scope 3 depending on the developments of carbon storage in biobased materials).

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Climate change remains one of the most urgent challenges for society and we all need to accelerate our actions to reach the ambitions of the Paris Agreement. Daiwa House is committed to become climate neutral by 2030. Innovation and partnerships are crucial to reach our goal.

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Simone van Wijk
Head of Sustainability

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Order for 1000th temporary home

NCG recently commissioned Daiwa House Modular Europe to build new temporary homes in Loppersum and Wirdum. With this, the assignment to realise the 1000th ‘temporary home’ has been plotted. Despite the temporary nature of the homes, these homes have the quality of permanent houses and have been built in such a way that it is comfortable to live in.  A necessary condition, as on average people stay nine months in a temporary home before they can return to their own homes. Depending on the intensity of strengthening one’s own home, the length of stay varies between a few weeks and two years.

Sustainability for the environment, society and business operations

For us, sustainability goes beyond just the environment. We care about our planet, society and our relationships with stakeholders. Read more about our ESG themes.

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We supply innovative, modular homes and thus contribute to solving social problems such as the housing shortage.

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Living up highest standards of ethics and governance makes us a trusted partner for all parties we work with.

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Daiwa ESG Rapport 2022

Just published: The complete overview of our performance in 2022 and the goals for 2030 and beyond. Read the ESG report online.