Safety and well-being is core for us. A good place to work, and to work with…

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Employee engagement


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Women in management positions


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Safety Culture Ladder

Level 3

Social impact

We have a positive impact on social developments with our modular constructions.


Social objectives 2030

Employee engagement: 8.5

Diversity & inclusion (women in management positions): 30%

Safety Culture Ladder: Level 5

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You can have the best strategy and the best workplace in the world, but if you want that to come alive, you need to capture the hearts and minds of your employees.

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Liane van Leeuwen
Head of HR

Safety is at the forefront of our profession

For us, safety is something we realise together. No matter how beautiful the results of our projects may be, building comes with risks. This is why Daiwa House Modular Europe chooses to put awareness and commitment first. Safety is woven into the DNA of our people. Both at our projects & production sites, and our offices.

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Sustainability for the environment, society and business operations

For us, sustainability goes beyond just the environment. We care about our planet, society and our relationships with stakeholders. Read more about our ESG themes.

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Our ambition is a clean planet without waste. A smaller impact on the environment contributes positively to the success of modular homes.

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Living up highest standards of ethics and governance makes us a trusted partner for all parties we work with.

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Daiwa ESG report 2022

Just published: The complete overview of our performance in 2022 and the goals for 2030 and beyond. Read the ESG report online.