Vorderansicht von modular gebauten Häusern

Housing solutions created in harmony with people and society

As a European organisation with Dutch and Japanese roots, Daiwa House Modular Europe makes a difference with industrialised modular building.

We always do so in close collaboration with the client, with a strong focus on the needs of future residents and in harmony with current developments in our society.

Zwei Kinder und zwei Kinder zittern und spielen in einer Wohnküche von einem großen, modularen Wohnraum

Creating dreams, building hearts

We bring together decades’ worth of experience and expertise in the form of our sustainable housing solutions. These solutions are always developed together with our clients, future residents, suppliers and our own people. This is reflected in our logo. The Endless Heart symbolises how valuable our long-term client relationships are to us.

It also stands for our continued investment in growth, development, focus on future residents and our own people. Because a comfortable, healthy and future-proof living environment makes dreams come true. Daiwa House Modular Europe helps to realise those dreams.

The story behind our housing solutions

Our projects

We provide for a wide range of housing wishes and needs with our high-quality housing solutions. By bringing together our global expertise, we can accommodate the growing demand for housing in Europe.

A sustainable home

We have lofty ambitions when it comes to sustainability and circularity. Future-proof housing is the main focus of everything we do. We also strive to maintain the harmony between people and our society. We develop safe and reliable housing solutions with care for the environment. Our goal is to facilitate the complete reuse of all components that we use in our modular building process. That will result in sustainable homes for current and future generations.