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Relax in high-quality finished hotel rooms

A comfortable, luxurious hotel room where travellers can truly relax. A high level of finish, hygiene and affordability are indispensable. The hotel rooms of Daiwa House Modular Europe offer just that. And still with every possibility to scale up and a short realisation time.

Eine Frau sitzt auf dem Bett ihres Hotelzimmers

Sustainable and scalable hotels in the foreseeable future

Travellers, and business travellers in particular, need a place to relax. Preferably in a practical and easily accessible location. Our sustainable and scalable hotels give you every opportunity to do so. In the hotel rooms, guests will find all the luxury and comfort they need.

Thanks to industrialised modular construction, our hotels are quickly realised and easily expanded. It is even possible to move them to another location at a later stage. As a client, you choose from several types of hotel rooms, tailored to your needs. Whatever type of room you choose, the hotels are always finished to a high standard with high-end materials.