Daiwa House Modular Europe | Migrant workersDaiwa-House-Modular-Europe-–-Fassade-eines-Wohnkomplexes
Migrant workers

Practical and comfortable housing for migrant workers

What if housing could be practical, affordable, comfortable and sustainable at the same time? Our housing solution for migrant workers offers shared housing that is easy to keep clean while also being a comfortable home. With a good kitchen and bathroom. And plenty of room to socialise and relax during leisure time.

Daiwa House Modular Europe | Migrant workersDaiwa-House-Modular-Europe-–-Monteurwohnung-Wohnkueche

Affordable, sustainable and quickly realised

Daiwa House Modular Europe’s complete homes for migrant workers offer a solution to the housing shortage of this target group. By industrialised modular construction, we can realise the homes and associated facilities within a short period of time.

The homes and facilities have a practical layout and design, without compromising on comfort. For our clients, this means a sustainable and affordable solution. For the future residents, it means a home, a community and the space to socialise. The best of both worlds.