Housing solutions

A sustainable home for any target group

Having a home is one of humanity’s basic needs. Living in a comfortable, safe and high-quality home is a precondition for realising your dreams. The same goes for future-proof accommodations. With our global expertise, we can accommodate the growing demand for sustainable housing in Europe.

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Daiwa House Modular Europe makes a difference with a wide range of housing solutions. A sustainable home for any target group.

The strength of our housing solutions

The strength of our housing solutions stems from our many years of experience with industrialised modular building. This expertise allows us to realise high-quality housing solutions in an optimally efficient manner. Our solutions are specifically developed to meet the client’s every wish and provide a comfortable home to future residents.

All this is done without losing sight of the impact on the local environment and on nature. We manufacture our housing solutions under controlled conditions in our own production facilities. This approach affords Daiwa House Modular Europe complete control over every stage of the process; from drafting the initial plans together with the client to delivering comfortable homes for residents. 

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Sustainable building for future-proof living

Future-proof building is a core aspect of everything we do. This affects everything from development and production to the final result of our housing solutions. We have lofty ambitions when it comes to sustainability and circularity. For that reason, Daiwa House Modular Europe is constantly innovating. Together with our clients and our people, we develop sustainable housing solutions in complete harmony with people and our society. This is reflected in our organisation’s core values: conscious, reliable and involved.