Our story

Creating dreams, building hearts

Good housing solutions meet all the requirements of the client. Perfect housing solutions also provide future residents with a comfortable home. Developed in harmony with people and our society and with an eye to the future. Because a comfortable, healthy and future-proof living environment makes dreams come true.

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Daiwa House Modular Europe helps to realise those dreams, together with clients, residents, suppliers and our people.   We bring decades of experience together in sustainable high-quality housing solutions.

An organisation with Europe and Japanese roots

Within Daiwa House Modular Europe, the expertise of Daiwa House Group and Jan Snel melt together. With over 60 years of experience in the Benelux and 50 years internationally, we make the difference with industrialised and modular building. The listed Daiwa House Group partnered with Jan Snel, creating one of the largest players in the field of modular and sustainable building solutions in Europe.

Together, we can meet a wide range of housing needs and requirements with a wide range of housing solutions. Both for our clients and the future residents. As an organisation with European and Japanese roots, the relationship between people and society is central to everything we do. That includes our building method with care for the natural environment.

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Daiwa House Modular Europe’s housing solutions are developed in complete harmony with people and society and with an eye to the future

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Sustainable ambitions for sustainable living solutions

There is a sound reason for our ambitions. The demand for smart and sustainable housing solutions in Europe continues to grow. By bringing together our global expertise, we have the ability to meet this demand. And our ambitions are great. In the field of sustainability, circularity and innovation. With our housing solutions, we are a pioneer in the European market of industrialised modular building.

Conscious, reliable and involved

We are continuously innovating. Together with our people, we contribute to a more sustainable society. We are able to grow because of the trust our clients place in us and the trust we place in our people. That is why we always develop our solutions together with our clients. We focus on long-term customer relationships. This is reflected in our logo: the Endless Heart.

It symbolises our commitment to the relationship with our clients, our continuous investment in growth and development and our focus on future residents.   Our employees are central to the development of the organisation. Daiwa House Modular Europe has grown thanks to their curiosity and drive, along with the organisation’s strong focus on improvement and innovation.

Safety and Certifications

Alongside people and our society, safety is also a key concern for us. Not only the safety of our people, but also the safety of the environment. Daiwa House Modular Europe ensures safety in all areas and stages of the construction processes. Read more about what we do to ensure safe construction. Naturally, we have all necessary certifications.

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