Safety First

At Daiwa House Modular Europe, we create homes for and by people. Therefore, safety is always at the forefront of our profession. And we are not just talking about the safety of our own people, but also the safety of the environment. Because safety is something we realise together.

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Aware and engaged

Especially in our sector, it is essential to work safely. Because no matter how beautiful the results of our projects can be, building comes with risks. The key is to be aware of those risks. That’s why Daiwa House Modular Europe chooses to put awareness and commitment first. This is how we build an organisation where safety is woven into the DNA of our people. At both our project and production sites, and our offices.

The HSE department plays an important role in this. They ensure that safety is and remains top-of-mind for everyone, working with project teams to ensure proper compliance with all regulations and requirements for safety, labour and the environment. We are committed to continuous improvement, and are always actively seeking feedback from the organisation. This is how we learn from experience and eliminate risk. Safety is always paramount.

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A little safer every day

It goes without saying that all our operational business units are VCA-certified and that we ensure a clear policy for noticing and reporting near-misses, accidents, unsafe situations and actions. We focus on this to such extent that not only the number of reports goes up, but also the safety. As a result, we are gaining a better understanding of potential risks. This is how we make our work a little safer every day. We are proud of that.

Safety Management System Comm’ant

We record reports in the Comm’ant safety management system. The system immediately notifies the responsible people. This allows for immediate action to be taken on unsafe situations and ensures high employee engagement. Their reports actually make the work environment safer, they really make a difference.

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Managing safety responsibly: this is how we do it

  • Safety Awareness
    From project manager to foreman, and from production worker to office worker. Everyone is aware of the risks.
  • Safety in the chain
    In addition to our own people, we also ensure that clients, contractors and subcontractors work safely.
  • Responsible at work
    We stay alert and learn from each other. Everyone points out unsafe situations or risky behaviour to each other and we help each other solve it.
  • Direct action
    Unsafe situations are reported and resolved immediately.

Safety and certifications

The fact that safety is our top priority allows us to put people and society first. This includes both the safety of our own people and the safety of the environment. Daiwa House Modular Europe ensures safety in all areas and stages of the construction processes. Of course we have all the certifications. You can find them here.

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Continue to increase safety

We continue to encourage safety. After all, it can always get even better. For this reason, we are taking a variety of measures. One example are meetings with our employees to discuss aspects of safety that we encounter on a daily basis. The KAM (Quality, Occupational Health & Safey and Environment) coordinator takes care of risk management on the projects and carries out checks. Of course, our management and direct supervisors also take responsibility.

For example, with periodic workplace inspections and observation rounds. This covers both technical safety and the human factor. For example, compliance with regulations and the use of personal protective equipment. Prior to starting work on a project, our employees conduct their own LMRA check.