Daiwa House Modular Europe completes De Wever | Boshuis care complex in Tilburg

17 Mar 2022

Modular builder Daiwa House Modular Europe has completed a new care complex for senior care organisation De Wever. De Wever is the largest social care organisation in Tilburg that focuses on the housing, care and welfare of seniors. The new care complex consists of 128 sheltered apartments with a total surface area of ca. 9,500 m². The complex on Bredaseweg, named Boshuis, offers accommodation to residents from different housing target groups.

The new care complex was commissioned by De Wever and designed by Van Aken architects. The design of the building takes into account the wooded area just outside Tilburg. The care complex therefore complements the green and brown hues of the surroundings. For example, vertical wooden slatted structures have been installed on the facades of the building. The use of wood creates a calm, natural look.

Another unique detail is the comb structure of the design. As a result, the natural surroundings come into their own inside the building too. At the same time, this structure ensures specific housing groups are clustered together.

It is a turnkey project, where, in addition to the building, we also installed the garden. The garden is a little gem designed by landscape architect Adry Hoeven from Moergestel. “We are incredibly proud of these high quality, safe and sustainable living spaces for De Wever’s resident groups”, says Henri Smets, Project Manager for Daiwa House Modular Europe. Collaboration with the client, managing supervisor Oostelbos Van den Berg B.V. and sub-contractors was intense and exceptionally enjoyable. Thanks in part to everyone’s commitment, we completed this impressive project within a short space of time.