Daiwa House Modular Europe focuses on further growth and doubles production capacity in the Netherlands

11 May 2022

Daiwa House Modular Europe, the European market leader in modular construction, has commenced the construction of a new assembly hall of no less than 4,000 square metres on its own premises in Montfoort. The new hall will help scale up the production capacity of sustainable homes dramatically.

Accelerated production volume and autonomous vehicles
‘’The further standardisation and digitisation of our housing products is an important condition for the industrialisation of production. We have made great strides in this respect over the past year and a half. As a result, we have been able to execute the assembly process in an automated line,’’ explains Michael Koerts, Production Director for Daiwa House Modular Europe. The assembly process is far more efficient in the new hall because there are specific activities for each workstation. This enables considerable acceleration of the production volume. This way of building means the new homes are produced even faster and are of better quality compared to traditional construction. To date, the different components were joined up while one unit stood still, but that is now a thing of the past.

The new hall utilises the latest techniques in the field of automation and robotisation. For example, it has Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). These autonomous vehicles move and navigate along the different workstations themselves and can transport large, heavy units. Daiwa House Modular Europe expects to double current housing production in the Netherlands with this new way of working.

Sustainable hall
Not only is sustainability the key word for what is produced in the hall, but for the building itself too. The factory is entirely gas-free, ultra-insulated, and the roof is being equipped with solar panels. In addition, there is a heat pump and the surplus energy generated is conserved in large batteries.

European expansion
In addition to the new production hall in Montfoort, Daiwa House Modular Europe is also working on further expansion in the rest of Europe. This is in line with the building company’s growth aspirations. For example, there are already plans for an identical production facility in England to supplement the mega-factory in Germany, which has already been announced.

Harry van Zandwijk, CEO of Daiwa House Modular Europe: “The housing shortage in the Netherlands is becoming increasingly dire and there is growing demand for suitable housing. In the current market in which sustainable construction is a big challenge, there is an important role for Daiwa House Modular Europe in terms of facilitation. We strongly believe that cleaner and standardised modular construction will help overcome the challenges faced by the housing market. We are therefore investing in production capacity with a hyper-modern production hall to meet the growing demand for modular and circular construction.
This is just the beginning of the modular revolution we want to trigger amongst our partners and clients, not just in the Netherlands, but the whole of Europe.”