SET: modular architecture

Housing corporation De Alliantie was faced with the task of providing Amsterdam housing for refugees in the shortest possible time. Due to the limited availability of suitable housing, the housing corporation decided to order three new housing projects in IJburg, to be composed of modular units.

Apartments Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The challenge

The 141 residential units of the ‘SET’ project had to be ready for occupation very quickly. They had to be suitable for a mixed group of first-time homebuyers and refugees. The building also needed a mature, architecturally-pleasing appearance that harmonised with its environment and the surrounding residences.

The solution

In only 13 weeks’ time, Jan Snel delivered 103 one-person studios and 38 two-person flats, constructed from modular building blocks of approximately 3m by 6m. Featuring prefabricated bathrooms and window frames, the stackable units consist of a modular steel structure with a concrete floor and timber frame walls. The façade was finished on site. Due to the urgency of the situation, a deviation from the zoning plan was permitted at this location for a maximum of ten years, meaning that a temporary modular construction method could be employed.

Housing solution

Social housing/housing for refugees


141 residences

Construction time

13 weeks


De Alliantie

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