A large number of permanent student residences had to be created on the former site of glass manufacturing company Spliet & De Waal in the Rotsoord district of Utrecht. The location of this new housing project was ideally suited to its purpose, given its proximity to the city centre and the Vaartsche Rijn railway station, which is located just around the corner.

Student housing Utrecht, the Netherlands

The challenge

The building had to accommodate 232 students, and the units had to be provided with furniture so that they could be rented out furnished. Because it would be occupied permanently, the building had to meet the stringent requirements imposed by the Dutch Buildings Decree. The units also had to be energy-efficient. The delivery deadline was August – just in time for the start of the new academic year.

The solution

The project could be completed at a record pace thanks to the use of prefabricated residential units. Because as many as 16 units could be installed in a single day, the entire project was delivered within just 10 months, even though it was permanent housing. The student residences consist of prefabricated modular units with exterior dimensions of 3.2 x 7.7m and a net surface area of 21 m2. They are composed of a steel cage structure with a concrete floor and timber frame walls and ceilings. Each unit has a kitchenette and its own sanitary facilities with a shower, toilet and washbasin. To incorporate variation into the façade, the windows are mounted in four different positions.

Housing solution

Stacked construction: student housing


900 m2

Construction time

10 months


ST Vastgoed


232 students, 5 creative businesses

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