Hugo de Jonge visits Daiwa House Modular Europe’s new flexible homes project

23 Jun 2022

Sustainable and flexible construction is high on the political agenda.

Dordrecht, 23 June 2022
– Hugo de Jonge, Minister of Housing and Spatial Planning, paid a visit to Daiwa House Modular Europe’s building site in Dordrecht. The biggest modular builder in Europe is building 333 semi-permanent flexible homes for first-time homeowners and students at the Leerpark.

Importance of flexible homes

Minister Hugo de Jonge’s visit to the Leerpark shows that flexible and sustainable building is high on the political agenda. De Jonge wants to create 15,000 flexible homes a year in the battle against the housing crisis. Daiwa House Modular Europe is contributing to this through this new project. In addition, the construction company is demonstrating that factory-producing the homes shortens the construction process considerably, which results in quicker accommodation of home seekers.

Leerpark Dordrecht

The Leerpark project modular and circular homes are expected to be completed in autumn 2022. The project is a partnership with Trivire housing association and social housing administrator De Huischmeesters. The surroundings have been designed entirely with the wishes of prospective residents in mind. For example, the courtyard is being equipped with wi-fi so residents can work and learn here. In addition, there will be a communal area with seating, washing machines and dryers. Solar panels are being installed on the roof. The homes are suitable for permanent as well as temporary use, which makes this a sustainable, future-proof solution.

Harry van Zandwijk, CEO of Daiwa House Modular Europe: “It is positive to see that Minister de Jonge found time in his busy schedule to pay a visit to this impressive new project. This again shows how important the construction of sustainable, flexible homes is for the current housing market. At Daiwa House Modular Europe, we want to put the housing market in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe in motion. We do this by building in a smart, quick and circular manner. This new project in Dordrecht is an excellent example of this and we are naturally very proud of it.”

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