Daiwa House Modular Europe achieves level 3 on the Safety Culture Ladder!

21 Jun 2022

At Daiwa House Modular Europe, safety is of paramount importance, every day. And we are not just talking about the safety of our own people and third parties, but that of the environment too. We create homes for and by people, but only if it can be done safely.

We are therefore delighted to report that we have achieved level 3 on the Safety Culture Ladder. This shows we have made great strides in the area of safety awareness and that our management of dangers and risks is in order. This certification is a positive move in the right direction and a huge compliment to the whole organisation. It motivates us to build on these positive developments and to tackle the points for improvement and development pro-actively. Together, we are making our industry a little safer every day. Our thanks goes to DNV for the meticulous and favourable audit.

Daiwa House Modular Europe team in front of the office